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Have you found your dream home or are you just starting out and looking to get a foot on the property ladder?
Finding the right home loan for you is difficult and time-consuming. This is where a good broker can help!
Let us show you how with a free and quick home loan assessment; our expert team is ready to help you find the right loan right now.

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Answer a few questions about your property needs and financial situation, and we’ll get to work matching you to a range of potential home loans.

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An ARK Financial broker will reach out to you, learn more about your goals, then present a range of home loan options that suits you.

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We will guide you through the application process. We will negotiate the best rate and right package with our lenders. Leave it with us, we will keep you informed every step of the way so that you can confidently go after your dream property.

What comes with ARK Financial’s home loan assessment?

Take a few minutes to complete our home loan assessment and we will provide you with a simple, and personalised list of the best home loans to meet your unique needs.

Financial Expertise

Home loans can be confusing. Our home loan specialists are on hand to help.

Confirm your Borrowing capacity

Not sure how much you can borrow let us quickly work that out for you.

Suitable Security

Not sure if the property you are looking to buy is considered suitable security, let us work this out for you.

Approval Insights

Concerned that your credit rating may stop you from buying your dream home, let us do the worrying for you.

Fast turnaround

Need an approval fast let us work with our panel of lenders to get you a quick approval that will ensure you secure your dream home

Best Product For You

Is an offset or a redraw right for you? Should you choose Principal and interest, or an interest only loan? Our home loan specialists are on hand to help.

The Ark Financial Experts

Meet Anne & Rai

“They have spent their entire working careers in the banking and finance industry. They have the experience and contacts to help you realise your home ownership hopes and dreams. So whether you have already located your dream home or are just considering getting a foot on the property ladder speak to the home loan experts who will be on your side.”

Let’s get you into your dream home sooner.

ARK Financial can search through hundreds of home loans from over 30+ Australian lenders, including the big four banks, to find the right loan for you. Plus, we may be able to arrange discounts on advertised home loan rates, to get you an even better deal.